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Installing Hosted PBX scales your business one step ahead

Updated: Jan 13

Your Ultimate Guide to growing your business through introducing the Hosted PBX service.

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX meets this variety of needs. Hosted Private Branch eXchange is a service whereby a provider maintains a telephone network on the internet and offers it to its customers, providing telephony and various functions over internet lines quickly and at a low cost.

Compared with on-premise PBX, which requires the user to manage their lines and hardware, such as telephone equipment, not only is it easier to deploy, but the provider provides system support and updates, so the system is always up-to-date and stable, and the internet connection is always available.


#1: How Hosted PBX works for your business.

Do you need a way to communicate with customers and share the content of conversations within your company?

Imagine a case like this. You are a member of the customer service team of a start-up software provider. You have dealt with customers daily, politely with their complaints and queries. One day, however, your boss tells you that a customer you sold with complained that the support was inadequate and that he was verbally abusive. The customer you dealt with was not correctly supported and was verbally abusive". However, you deny this testimony, but you and your boss are confused because you have no proof. This leaves you with no way of evaluating appropriate responses or looking back and improving upon inappropriate incidents should they occur.

A lack of probability in the communication method between customers and employees causes these problems.

The introduction of a hosted PBX makes it possible to store and manage conversation logs between employees and customers, as well as between employees, thereby preventing the above problems in advance. These are just some of the functions that a Hosted PBX can perform.

Here are all its features, but introducing especially two parts which will boost your business.

1; Device-independent phone numbers

This function allows you to make and receive calls from a particular telephone number using any device. In addition, this functionality makes it possible to remote inbound sales and store and share sales details, thus facilitating data capture. Using this information to template sales activities and analyzing them using CRM will further accelerate your business.