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3 Tips for proceeding with online work effectively

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

It rapidly promoted the introduction of online work

After the pandemic, numerous companies are adopting remote working regardless of industry sector or size. Many employees want this new way of working to continue, free from long commutes and annoying getting ready; according to a survey by MADE IN CA, 41% of teleworkers prefer to work half their weekly hours. Furthermore, it is said that 90% of teleworkers report consistent or higher productivity rates working remotely, as compared with in-office work.

On the other hand, to achieve these ideal results, it is essential to have the right working environment in place for remote working.

However, looking at the current situation, there are many cases where the internet environment needs to be improved, and communication methods for remote work need to be sufficiently established due to the rapid changes in working practices.

Furthermore, some companies have spent a great deal of money to introduce such a system but have given up on hybrid work or working from home because the company itself does not have the human resources or knowledge to operate it and has reverted to the old way of doing things. In addition to being a significant financial loss, this has a considerable impact on the company's operations, including a substantial amount of stress on employees.

In this article, we at 1Tel, specialists in telecommunications equipment, explain the 3 tips companies need to implement proper remote working.

Tip 1; In-depth understanding of the characteristics of remote and hybrid working

Before doing your research, are you trying to introduce this for superficial reasons, such as because it is somewhat trendy or because your competitors have improved their results since they introduced it?

Indeed, many companies have adopted this attractive way of working, but some specific tasks are suitable for online work, and others are not.

Here are 2 tasks that should be undertaken online.

1. Work with clear assessment criteria

Online work frequently provides opportunities for written communication with other employees. This makes it possible to perform tasks where easily communicated outcomes effectively can be quantitatively measured and where everyone is working under the same standards.

2. Work that one person can complete

One-person tasks can quickly be done online, such as programming or creating presentation materials. Various tools, such as PowerPoint and GitHub, provide the means to share deliverables online easily, provided an internet connection is available. Therefore, it is essential to utilize these functions approximately to maximize efficiency per task.

Tip 2; Use internet services appropriate for the application and the company's size

Are you facing substantial monthly costs due to the use of expensive services with over-spec performance, or are you unable to change your contract despite a lack of functionality and glitches?

The internet is commonplace today, and countless internet providers and services exist. All services have one thing in common: they all supply internet to electronic devices. Still, the number of supported models, speed, contracting methods and support vary significantly from provider to provider.

Therefore, selecting a provider that is not random but strategically aligned with your confident company will dramatically affect the productivity of your future operations.

1, If the number of users exceeds 5, choose a service for business

There are two main types of internet service: residential and corporate. If the number of users exceeds 5, the connection will likely be unstable or cost extra for a home-use service. Therefore, choosing a corporate-specific service is the first step in reducing additional costs and problems.

2, Choose a flexible service

The optimum internet environment will vary greatly depending on your company's situation. Therefore, It's better to choose a service that allows you to change the number of connections and internet speeds and terminate the contract in the middle of the agreement, especially if you are a start-up company in the seed phase or a small to medium-sized company that is going through a period of rapid business evolution.

3, Focus on internet speed and maximum traffic

Internet speed and the maximum traffic volume have the most significant impact on price. Therefore, to avoid problems such as focusing too much on speed and needing more on maximum traffic in a month, you should pay particular attention to these two points when signing up for a contract.

Also, concerning speed, it is essential to note that sometimes it is best to replace the hardware rather than the internet, as it works very differently depending on your mobile device.

Even with the above points, choosing the best internet is still very difficult, isn't it?

We can customize the best internet service for your business from the ground up. You are welcome to change your plan as your company grows. As your business partner, we will support your company's growth through the internet.

Tip 3; Prepare in advance for problems after bringing operations online

Even if the introduction of online work is a great success, issues are inevitable after years of operation

Therefore, to ensure the long-term safe continuation of remote working, it is essential to prepare for the process before introducing the system.

In addition to basic preparations such as data security measures and attendance management, it is also necessary to change the management methods of the company as a whole, rather than just introducing a single function, for example, by training personnel who can set up various internet systems and securing personnel who are familiar with the IT services to be used.

In conclusion

The 3 secrets to successful teleworking are,

  1. In-depth understanding of the characteristics of remote and hybrid working

  2. Use internet services appropriate for the application and the company's size

  3. Prepare in advance for problems after bringing operations online

Use the above tips to remoteness your procedures step by step.

We promise to support you beyond just being an internet provider

As an internet specialist, 1Tel will help your company's growth as your business partner, making the most of its accumulated knowledge over many years of supporting multiple start-ups.

We provide you with the best Internet solution and support.

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